FBI Whistleblower & Teacher Expose Islamic Gülen Movement Infiltrating U.S. Through Charter Schools -

In rural Pennsylvania, a Turkish-born Muslim imam lives in self-imposed exile. The imam, Fethullah Gülen, came to the United States in 1999 due to cited health problems and has stayed in the United States after gaining his visa with help from … Continue reading →

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Just another Muslim front to take over America and reign terror on us. When will we wake up? Probably never. May the Lord come quickly!

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VIDEO: Saudi Family Brutally Beats Maid Hanging Upside Down From Hook

WARNING: The following two videos are graphic and disturbing. These videos need to be seen so the world knows that certain countries think it is acceptable to keep humans as slaves.

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This is an absolute horror. No one deserves to be treated like this ever. What could she have possibly done to deserve such punishment. I pray to God that he will give these people what they have coming during the final judgement. I pray and sympathize with the maid. You men are cowards.

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Lawmaker Screams Environmental Racism After Hamptons Garbage Shipped To His Town – CBS New York

A Long Island community was upset Monday, outraged that garbage from the Hamptons and other east end towns is being held in their town until state officials can figure out how to send it to a landfill out of state.

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Are not the Hamptons full of rich democrats? Rich democrats have been dumping on poor people of color for generations. 
They want their votes. period.

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