WHO urges sneeze protection while CDC retreats

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NEW YORK – While the Centers for Disease Control has removed from its website a warning that Ebola can be spread through sneezing, the World Health Organization has just issued new guidelines for health workers that specify protective equipment should be worn to protect the mouth, nose and eyes from contaminated droplets and fluids.

The WHO guidelines are based on a review of care of Ebola patients, the U.N. agency said.

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Source: www.wnd.com

We have achieved a new low here in America. We can’t even have a rational conversation about public health issues because everything – EVERYTHING – is political for Progressives. The Left is blindly and rigidly ideological, and if we let them they’ll kill us all.

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Software Expert: “Incredibly Suspicious”… Democrats are Cheating -

Voting machines in Chicago and Maryland are experiencing the same problem.  They are switching votes from Republican to democrat.  This they are blaming on bad calibration.  This has been a problem for at least three election cycles now and it’s always republican voters getting switched to democratic candidates.  If that’s not suspicious enough for you, try this on for size.  Tony Heller a software developer and an expert on touchscreen technology says that’s not possible:

Source: www.dcclothesline.com

Heller said that any technician could determine whether the machines were tampered with, but of course since the machines were in democratic districts, no independent technicians were allowed to examine them.

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Ax-Wielding Man Strikes D.C. Police Cruiser

In a brazen attack, a man wielding an ax tried to hurt a D.C. police officer early Friday morning, striking his vehicle and getting into a struggle with the officer.

Source: www.nbcwashington.com

Remember when real journalists would give descriptions of the perps so that a vigilant society might assist in their apprehension? Remember when Political Correctness first began to replace common sense and the Constitution as the New World Order of Life?

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