Transgender Student Can Use Boys’ Restroom – YouTube

A transgender student in New Jersey who gave up his female identity says his school reversed course and will now allow him to use the boys’ restroom. (Dec. 1…



People must not think about the little girl who will be very uncomfortable using the restroom or taking a shower when one of these boys just lies and wears a dress so he can go in their locker room or shower.

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North Sea oil sector near ‘collapse’

The director of Premier Oil says no new North Sea projects are profitable with oil below $60 a barrel and the industry is “close to collapse”.


And as a lot of production ceases to make money below $80 barrel (it’s now in the region of $63), North Sea producers and those in their supply chain now face pressure to cut costs sharply.

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Rats ‘taking over’ new World Trade Center tower

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1 World Trade Center welcomed its first major tenant, Conde Nast, in November along with some unwelcomed guests.

The New York tabloids are abuzz with the news.

Rats are taking over 1 World Trade Center, the glitzy new office tower built at Ground Zero. They’re chewing through carpet, snacking on crumbs of food left on computer keyboards and generally terrorizing the building’s anchor tenant – publishing house Condé Nast.

Stories have chronicled the reactions of editors and writers with Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Allure, Teen, Self, GQ, Bon Appétit and New Yorker magazines, all of which have recently moved into or at least toured their new digs at what was supposed to be the city’s poshest new address.



They become bolder!!….. The infestation parallels government with its habits. The survival of this animal depends upon waste. Another parallel for government. The habits are so like the rat for their habit of survival is done in the dark where the actions are hidden from view. So much for the pledged open and transparent government. Like our government they consume and fowl all they touch. They proliferate to the extreme and with the first sign of the beneficial supplies they even eat their own young. Survival without regard for anyone or anything in their way. It is amazing at the similarities between the rat’s existence and a governments existence. Like the rat who seems to be out of control we need to look at our government as well. A lesson stands in front of us and we will be foolish to ignore it.

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