Obama and the U.N.’s Alternate Universe | FrontPage Magazine

The administration turns 2,500 years of human knowledge on foreign affairs on its head.

Source: www.frontpagemag.com

Excellent summation of the rank hypocrisy and evil that possesses the soul of the UN. Our evil president feeds that monstrosity and our media peddles its lies. The darkness darkens. 
There is no sanity or goodness left in the world’s leadership. We are on the same trjectory we were on pre-WWII, only now many countries already possess nuclear weapons. We will see them used too soon.

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Report: Va. Voter Fraud Cases Still Not Being Investigated — After 4 Years [VIDEO]

WASHINGTON – When Fairfax County’s election board in Virginia cross-referenced voter registrations with jury pools, they discovered more than 200 people registered to vote who had also declined to ser

Source: dailycaller.com

Democrats are only concerned with voter fraud if someone other than a Democrat is elected. Eric Holder couldn’t care less and VA elected a Democrat governor who was the head of the DNC. Voter fraud will not be investigated until Democrats are thrown out of office. Until then, get use to it..

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