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The Affordable Care Act: Propaganda

Uninsured people with pre-existing conditions may qualify for this new coverage. Notice how the will be covered has changed to may.

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Obama appoints comrade Donald Berwick, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services without undergoing confirmation hearings in the Senate.
Berwick favors redistribution of wealth, health care rationing and believes Britain’s National Health Care System is the perfect model.
Those who thought Palin’s ‘death panels‘ remarks were a joke will not be laughing now.

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WHO scandal exposed: Advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers

(NaturalNews) A stunning new report reveals that top scientists who convinced the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare H1N1 a global pandemic held close financial ties to the drug companies that profited from the sale of those vaccines. This report, published in the British Medical Journal, exposes the hidden ties that drove WHO to declare a pandemic, resulting in billions of dollars in profits for vaccine manufacturers.

Several key advisors who urged WHO to declare a pandemic received direct financial compensation from the very same vaccine manufacturers who received a windfall of profits from the pandemic announcement. During all this, WHO refused to disclose any conflicts of interests between its top advisors and the drug companies who would financially benefit from its decisions.

All the kickbacks, in other words, were swept under the table and kept silent, and WHO somehow didn't think it was important to let the world know that it was receiving policy advice from individuals who stood to make millions of dollars when a pandemic was declared.

WHO credibility destroyed

The report was authored by Deborah Cohen (BMJ features editor), and Philip Carter, a journalist who works for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London. In their report, Cohen states, “…our investigation has revealed damaging issues. If these are not addressed, H1N1 may yet claim its biggest victim — the credibility of the WHO and the trust in the global public health system.”

via WHO scandal exposed: Advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers.

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Hospital trust branded the worst in Britain ‘tried to gag whistleblowers’ |

A hospital trust branded the worst in Britain by the NHS regulator actively discouraged staff from expressing fears about the safety of patients, an independent inquiry is expected to conclude.Senior managers at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, where poor working conditions may have contributed to more than 1,000 deaths, will be accused of promoting a culture of secrecy, according to sources close to the inquiry.The disclosure of a key finding of the report, expected to be released this week, comes as campaigners for patients who suffered neglect in Stafford and Cannock Chase hospitals call for a judicial review into the trust.

via Hospital trust branded the worst in Britain ‘tried to gag whistleblowers’ | Society | The Observer.

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GMO alert: U.S. attempting global censorship of GMO food labeling

The U.S. is attempting to push its agenda to censor all GMO labeling of foods everywhere around the world. This would result in a global GMO cover-up as consumers are left in the dark about whether their foods and grocery products are genetically modified or not.Your help is urgently needed to send a message to the Secretaries of State Clinton, Agriculture Vilsack, and Health and Human Services Sebelius to urge them to halt the USA’s nefarious attempts to install a global GMO deception.Take part in this online petition, go here:…Please understand that the U.S. is attempting to outlaw non-GMO labeling of foods, thereby making it illegal for a non-GMO food product to even claim “non-GMO” on the label.

via GMO alert: U.S. attempting global censorship of GMO food labeling.

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